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Food Machines


Our activity is dedicated to the designing and realization of solutions for the small and medium sized producers of beverages and food products.

We matured a good experience in other fields such as the chemical and pharmaceutics industry as well, and, generally speaking, we can be of help whenever a product has to be bottled or packed.



Tank Sinks with Undertop

Stainless Steel Selection Sinks
  Tank Sinks with Undertop - Stainless Furniture
The sinks are divided for size and configuration according to their use, in order to optimize the producing's process increasing the quality of Yours raw material.
Stainless Steel Selection Sinks - Stainless Furnitur
Selection sinks are entirely built with AISI 304 satined scotch brite stainless steel and composed by one or two tanks with overflow an moplen siphon.
Sorting and Draining Table

Insect Exterminators
  Sorting Thawing and Draining Table - Stainless Furniture
This tables are ideal for the selection and/or the lavoration of the product after the cleaning.
Insect Exterminators - Elecrtified Lamps for Insect
Thanks to his powerfull UV-A waterproofing light, attracts and electrocutes insects with the help of an appropriate elecrtified grill.
Wall or Central Aspiring Hood

  Cappe a Parete o Centrali complete di Aspiratore
Aspiring hoods available in different sizes, are ideal for cooking zone, or processing laboratory
segnaposto durfo



Ultra Immersion Blender

Mixer ad Immersione COMBI
  Ultra Immersion Blender
Mixer with small dimensions and ease of use
Mixer ad Immersione COMBI
Mixer ad immersione Combi, con due utensili in più : Mixer per frullare e doppia frusta per montare il prodotto
Professional Food Dehydrator

Food Dehydrator with Electrical Fan
  Food Dehydrator
The dehydrator has the potentiality of a professional food dehydrator plant but with reduced dimensions.
Food Dehydrator With Electrical Fan
The dehydrator is built in plastic food and stainless steel. It has an horizontal air flow system that allows a natural dehydration.
Fruits Peeler Durfo Strip

Fruits Peeler Durfo Maxistrip
  Fruits Peeler
Durfo Strip can peel electrically all kind of spherical or oval fruit that are max 100 mm.
Fruits Peeler
Peeling and coring machine for big size fruits with regular orbits spherical, cylindrical, ellypsical. We can peel: pineapples, melons, watermelons, etc.
Fruits Peeler Apple Strip

Pulper and Stone Extractor - D200
  Fruits Peeler
The APPLE STRIP is the best solution for peeling big quantities of apples and pears.
Pulper and Stone Extractor - D200
The great advantage that the D200 offers with its production, is that the result obtained after the working doesn't denote any perishing
Automatic washing basin for vegetable

Washing Tank For Fruit and Greens
  >Automatic washing basin for vegetable
Automatic washing basin for vegetable / salad (and fruits) supplied in different sizes : mod. D2 150 Liters, mod. D3 225 Liters and mod. D4 300 Liters.
Tank for washing the fruits Washing tank with grumbling effect suitable to the working of fruit and greens. Completely built in stainless steel AISI 304  
Destoner Machine - DR500

Vertical Cutter Mixers
  Destoner Machine - DR500
The destoner is used for the processing of fresh fruit in pulps and mash tun, juices and nectars, jams and marmalades.
Vertical Cutter Mixers Vertical Cutter Mixers - stainless steel construction - with removable bowl capacity from 23 to 60 Lt.  
Electric Mill for Flour

Electric Flour Separator
  Electric Mill for Flour
The grinding of oat, soy, legumes and others oleaginous seeds has to be done carefully.
Electric Flour Separator
The machines separate the ground product into three parts: two parts go into the collecting drawer and the third (bran) goes through the discharge
Manual Hydraulic Presses

Powered Hydraulic Presses
  Manual Hydraulic Presses
Manuel Hydraulic Presses Built with removable cart, stainless steel reservoir painted
Powered Hydraulic Presses
Powered Hydraulic Presses Built with removable cart, stainless steel reservoir painted
Automatic Linear Blower for Jars

  Automatic linear  blower machine
Automatic machine designed for the internal cleaning of empty containers of possible foreign bodies or dust by blowing 180° tilted jars.



Electronic Round Cased Boiling Pans - Pasteurizer

Dissolution Machine / Heated Tank with Mixer
  Round Cased Boiling Pans
These boiling pans are the easiest and simplest solution for high volume boiling: even products with a high acidity content.
Dissolution Machine
The machine is used as a tank for product collection before the filling of different products whenever we have to maintain in temperature the product.
Pasteurizer for Juice - DP100

Juice Exstractor
  Pasteurizer for Juice- DP100
The pasteurizer has been studied to warm up to a certain temperature the juice coming out from fruit's squeezing operations.
Casserole Extracteur à Vapeur pour le jus de Fruit
The Juice exstractor It is used to make a juice extraction from fruit using the steam cooking system. Is suitable to steam vegetables or to precook fruit for jam.
Vacuum Concentration Bowl - 70 Lt

Vacuum Concentration Bowl
  Vacuum Concentration Bowl - 70 Lt
The machine perfectly suits the production of canned foods, jams, condiments and creams.
concentration Bowl
The concentration Bowl enables the extraction of free water contained in fruits vegetables, and so on with the "vacuum" method
Steam Sterilisation Vertical Autoclave

Saucepan for Cooking jam and Sauce
  Steam Sterilisation Vertical Autoclave
The machine is designed for glass jars and tins' sterilization for which a steam sterilization cycle at a temperature up to 130°C is needed.
Pentola per la cottura di marmellata e conserve
The saucepan for cooking jam and sauce is a jacketed heating system composed by two pans one inserted into another.



Manual Bench Vacuum Filler

Filling Capping Machine Doypack Bags
  Manual Bench Vacuum Filler
Manual Bench vacuum filler, designed to fill glass jars by covering them with liquid.
Filling-Capping Machine for Doypack Bags
Semi-automatic machine for filling and capping doypack flexible bags (with existing spout).
Electronic Dosing Machine

Pneumatic Capper for Twist-off Caps - TPV600-T
  electronic dosing machine
The electronic dosing machine is an electronic weighing machine suitable for medium size granulated products
neumatic capping machine for twist-off w caps
This capping pneumatic machine is used for closing twist-off caps. Pneumatic operation - no need of electric supply.
Pneumatic Volumetric Mignon Filler - DVPM 35

Bench Vacuum Packaging Machine
  volumetric mignon filler
High precision, batching machines for accurate dosing of all types of containers even with very thick liquids.
Bench Vacuum Packaging Machine
Vacuum packaging machine it can also pack and protect particularly delicate and fragile products.
Unibloc for Dosing and Capping - DT60

Topping and Capping Monobloc Jars - CT60
  Unibloc for Dosing and Capping - DT60
Unibloc for dosing and capping. Indicate for semi-thick or thick products: jam, honey, creams, syrups, fruit juices, bath-foams, liquid soaps.
Topping and Capping Monobloc Jars - CT60
The monobloc is used for the topping with preserving liquid of jars jars previously filled with pieces.
Monobloc - Durfo 750

Durfo Set Automatic Dosing Capping Monoblock
  topping-up and capping machine for jar
Dosing and capping machine designed for filling jars or bottles with dense or liquid products. Capping with Twist Off capsules.
Dosing Capping Monoblock
The DURFO SET monoblock is a machinery for canned food producer. Indicate for jam, honey, creams, sauces, fruit juice.
Automatic Line for Packaging in Glas Jars - Blower + Durfo SET + D1/Z
  Automatic Line for Packaging in Glas Jars
Automatic line designed to fill liquids, semi-thick or thick products (jam, marmelade, honey, creams, syrups, fruit juices) small dimensions' machine, ideals for small or medium-scale productions.


Automatic Labeller - D2/Z

Automatic Labeller - D2/L
  labelling machine
The automatic labellers mod. D1/Z and D2/Z are designed to achieve a constant and precise application of pressure-sensitive labels.
Automatic Labeller
Labelling heads equipped with stepping motors, electronic cards and height/inclination adjusting group to achieve a perfect labelling result.



Sleeve-Wrapping Machine - PACK65

Sleeve-Wrapping - FARD 50
  This machine can sleeve-wrap a wide range of products
This machine can sleeve-wrap a wide range of products ( bottles, jars, pots, tins, cans, cases, boxes)
Sleeve-wrapping machine able to package
Sleeve-wrapping machine able to package a wide range of products (bottles, vases, jars, pots, cans, phials, cases etc)
Pallet-wrapper - ECOPAL

Pallets Wrapper - Robopal
  Pallet-wrapper of packages and benches
Pallet-wrapper stationary type, with rotating base, to wrap pallets with different sizes using plastic film.
robotic pallet wrapper
Unique of its kind, this robotic pallet wrapper equipped with innovative high-technology patented devices
Durfo Tape-Sealer

  This machine can sleeve-wrap a wide range of products
The Durfo tape-sealer is a fully automatic machine for closing standard-size carton boxes (that is with fixed height and width).




It makes it possible to check that the uniformity of the internal temperature of an environment is adequate at a temperature up to 140°C
Designed for pasteurization processes. It is identical to the Stericheck but records temperatures up to 100 ° C.
Temperature-ph Meter hd2305

Photometer for the Analysis Of Honey's
  phMeter hd2305
The HD2305.0 is a portable instruments with a large LCD display. It measures the pH and the redox potential (ORP) in mV.
honey Photometer
Portable Photometer for the Analysis Of Honey's Color, takes direct readings in mm Pfund and is equipped with 5 single-use

Portable Optical Refractometer

Nitrogen Generator
  Rifrattometro digitale
Optical Refractometers are suitable to determine the content in sugars of wines and spirits.
Nitrogen Generator
The nitrogen generator can be used in a wine variety of industrial application as well as in the food and beverage industry.

Scale Floor Version - 100 Kg

Digital Precision Scale - 6 Kg
  Useful scale to weight fruits / vegetables
Useful scale to weight fruits / vegetables before and after peeling (difference between semifinished product and waste)
Digital Precision Scale with Range up to 6 Kg
Professional scale to weight additivies or when a very high precision is required for small quantities
Mini Cold Storage

Measuring Instrument for Water Activity (Aw)
  Mini Cold Storage
Ideal to manage the peak of fruit and vegetables' maturation, deferring the transformation period and avoiding heavy loads.
Portable laboratory instrument for determining the activity of water
Portable laboratory instrument for determining the activity of water (AW) with datalog function.


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