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Measuring Instrument for Water Activity (Aw)

Portable laboratory instrument for determining the activity of water (AW) with datalog function.

Suitable for measuring materials such as butter, fruit mix, spices, granulate, mushrooms, flour, biscuits or sausages and other types of foods where a verification of the activity value of water is required.

In addition, the instrument is suitable for measuring special material such as plastic granulate and for monitoring weather and environmental conditions. Not suitable for fruit juices (syrup) and acidic foods such as vinegar, foods and beverages containing alcohol.



Complete instrumentation USB interface



Depending on the desired application on the hygrometer Humimeter RH2, the specific sensors can be selected for :

  • the measurement of the humidity of the air
  • the determination of the relative humidity of the material
  • the determination of the activity water AW evaluated in different foods.

The hygrometer for water activity Humimeter RH2 is equipped with an integrated datalogger where the values measured can be registered and also downloaded to the PC via a USB interface and related software (optional).

Optionally, the RH2 humimeter can be supplied with a USB interface to connect the device to a PC.

Logmemorizer software can import values from your device to your PC. With this software you can add additional information to the measurement such as the production batch, and the data can be stored, exported and processed.

Determination of :

  • relative humidity
  • absolute humidity
  • dew pointe
  • moisture balance
  • water activity


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