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Vacuum Filling Machine Enolmatic

Enolmatic is the only filling machine coupling small size and easy operations with professional features and performance: about 250 bottles/hour filling rate.

The ideal equipment for filling WINE, OIL, TOMATO SAUCE, SPIRITS, FRUIT JUICES and for high viscosity products too. Extremely useful also for filling cosmetic products!

STRONG: owing to its careful design and top quality construction all in food grade materials.

EASY TO OPERATE: the carboy, barrel or demijohn can sit up to 13 feet (4 meters) below the Enolmatic filler.

kit for filling oil kit for filling 5-10 litre demijohns
kit for filling bottles with tomato sauce kit for racking wine from one demijohn or carboy to another
kit for bottles with long and narrow necks kit for filling all sorts of mini bottles
kit for filler fruit juices and hot liquids vacuum filter
filtering cartridges for wine filtering cartridges for oil spirits and fruit juices
product for washing and sanitizing wine filtering Enolmatic with Steal Nozzle



Enolmatic Oil

Enolmatic Wine

Enolmatic Limoncello
Kristal Kit

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RELIABLE: because it is tested for non-stop operations.

PRACTICAL: it is equipped with many regulations to:

  • adjust the filling level just once. It will then remain as default value.
  • adjust the filling speed
  • use Enolmatic with every type and size of bottles

SAFE: through vacuum operated filling, the product is bottled in a most natural way, allowing to mantain its original quality and features. When placing the bottle under the machine, the fluid is sucked by the vacuum created inside it, without any contact between product and pumps or mechanical components.

ACCESSORY KITS FOR ENOLMATIC: very useful to use Enolmatic with different types of products or for different operations. They are all interchangeable and very easy to insert.

  • OIL KIT: kit of replacement parts used when converting your Enolmatic from wine to edible oils. This prevents cross contamination between the two types of product.
  • TOMATO KIT: for filling bottles with tomato sauce or with any low to high viscosity sauce including dressing. Seed filter enclosed.
  • DEMI-JOHN KIT: for racking wine from one demijohn or carboy to another. Two different sizes are supplied with the kit for use with either large or small mouth containers.

SPECIAL KITS: fast and accurate filling of tailormade and out-of-standard bottles even with high viscosity products. Filling level can be set as desired with each of these accossories. After the first manual setting, the filling level is automatically kept.They are all constructed in food-grade materials.

  • KRISTAL KIT: for bottles with long and narrow necks, such as bottles for spirits (bottle mouth with inside diameter from mm 12).
  • MIGNON KIT: for filling all sorts of mini bottles (bottle mouth with inside diameter from mm 7,5).
  • 5-10 LITRES BOTTLES KIT: for filling 5-10 litre demijohns to the desired level.
  • FRUIT KIT: fruit juices and hot liquids up to max 80 degrees Celsius.

Designed and tailor-made to operate with ENOLMATIC. With TANDEM and ENOLMATIC filtering and bottling are performed at the same time. The vacuum operating mode allows to maintain the original product quality and features, while avoiding spoilage and wastage. The product is always handled in the most natural way throughout the process. Tandem offers easy handling and
reliable filtration under the best sanitary conditions.

FILTERING CARTRIDGES: With TANDEM you can filter wine,oil, spirits, syrup and fruit juices depending on the filter cartridges you use. Filter cartridges are available in different materials and filtration grades. All cartridges are in food grade material.

  • FILTERING CARTRIDGES FOR WINE: Washable, reusable, are available for different filtration grades:
    5 micron: prefiltration
    1 micron: fine filtration for red wine
    0.5 micron: extra fine filtration for white wine
    0.25 micron: ultra fine filtration for white wine and distilled liquors

  • FILTERING CARTRIDGES FOR OIL, SPIRITS AND FRUIT JUICES: withhold even very small solid and semisolid particles suspended in first pressing olive oil. The oil will thus look clean while mantaining its original color and properties, as well as a light opacity typical of genuine olive oil. In robust stainless steel construction, these cartridges are available in three different filtration grades:
    05 micron
    10 micron
    50 micron

ENOLSAN: this is a specific product for washing and sanitizing wine filtering cartridges. Mould prevention through perfect cartridge cleaning after use.


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