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Insect Exterminators

Thanks to his powerfull UV-A waterproofing light, attracts and electrocutes insects with the help of an appropriate elecrtified grill. In addition it's equipped with an adhesive paper to ensure that the captured insects don't fall down from the insect exterminator.

It can be fixed to a wall or be hanged up thanks to his hook in dotation or simply rested on a plan surface. When the insect exterminator works it doesn't produce smells or noises and works with a 230 Volt alimentation.



Insect Exterminators Elecrtified Grill



  • Metal sheet steel construction varnished at epoxy powder suitable for all the settings used as the alimentary process
  • Waterproofing lamp socket (two lamps,UV-A 40 Watt each)
  • Plan with perimetral liquid stopping bord
  • Easily replaceable adhesive paper for the safefull,complete collection monitoring of the captured insects
  • Supplied with fixing chain and adhesive paper for insects

Tecnicle characteristics :
  • Sizes LxPxH: 655x385x230h
  • Weight : 8,00 Kg
  • Lifetime lamps : 2000 hours approximately.
  • Supply voltage: 230 Volt - 50 Hz


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