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Stericheck Data Logger

The Stericheck Data Logger is a compact instrument that can be easily used in restricted environments or in multiple units. It makes it possible to check that the uniformity of the internal temperature of an environment is adequate at a temperature up to 140°C.

The Stericheck is programmed and downloaded by PC without having to open it, with a dedicated interface and through some parameters, capture at regular intervals at scheduled startup. The internal battery is replaceable, which makes the device long lasting.



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The data logger, therefore, is used in several fields, medical or industrial, for sterilization processes, in the food industry, to control the production directly by the control of the product and not only the environment in which it is processed

The material chosen to protect the electronics was selected after extensive research.
  • The main body is made of AISI316 steel and its insulating parts are made of resin: these two materials, in addition to supporting very high temperatures without deformation, are compatible with food.

  • 36 mm di diameter

  • 18 mm di height

The software for Stericheck reading management is simple and intuitive, has several options, is complete and versatile.
The program is used both to start operations and to read the data captured by the data logger.
Once the recorded data is downloaded from the data logger, it can be viewed in tabular or graphical form to analyze the temperature change during the processes.

Technical specifications of the Stericheck data logger :

Temperature scale
0°C ÷ +140 °C
0,04 °C
± 0,3°C
N° Capture
Capture rythm
one every 5 seconds to one every 255 minuts
Protection degree
Protection IP68


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