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Automatic Line for Packaging in Glas Jars

Automatic line designed to fill liquids, semi-thick or thick products (jam, marmelade, honey, creams, syrups, fruit juices) small dimensions' machine, ideals for small or medium-scale productions. Designed and built to minimize maintenance and downtime of the machine.

Easy to use, with only a few simple settings, it is possible to manage different formats. The first machine provide the blowing of the tilted empty jars to avoid possible foreign bodies or dust.

The second machine is designed to the volumetric filling (dosage) of the product and to the distribution and closure of the Twist Off type capsules. The tird machine is suitable to apply in adhesive label and back label or warranty seal.



Automatic Line for Packaging in Glas Jars Durfo Set linear inverting air rinser
Et-Print Printer Custom Labels Labeller Machine D1/Z
Warranty Seal Apply segnaposto

Details :


Automatic Complete Line For Packaging Jars

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Automatic Linear Inverting Air Rinser

Automatic linear machine designed for the internal cleaning of empty containers of possible foreign bodies or dust by blowing 180° tilted jars.
  • Length mm.: 2000/2500
  • Width mm.: 1100
  • Height mm.: 1800
  • Requested power : 1 kw
  • Production: 1500/1800 (depending on the size)

DURFO SET Automatic Dosing-Capping Monoblock

Automatic rotative machines to fill jars with liquids, semi-thick or thick products and cap with twist-off closures.

  • Length mm.: 2.150 (nastri ingresso/uscita inclusi)
  • Width mm.: 1200
  • Height mm.: 2100
  • Requested power : 1,5 Kw
  • Air consumption 6 bar : 300/350 lt/m
  • Max. jar diameter : 105 mm
  • Hourly output referred to honey at 40 °C. in 500 gr pots: 1200 pcs. - indicative, variable according to the type of product - N.B. Standard machine: dosages from 20 to 680 cc, for one jar format

Automatic Labeller for Self-Adhesive Labels Mod. D1/Z

Automatic linear machine suitable to apply in adhesive label and back label (or warranty seal) on glass bottles / jars.

  • Length mm.: 1500
  • Width mm.: 800 (1 Station) - 1300 (2 Station)
  • Height mm.: 1600
  • Diameter container : 60/110 mm
  • Maximum diameter of the reel : 220 mm
  • Maximum height for paper reel : 150 mm. (optional 200 mm)
  • Output : 1000 bph
  • N.B. The standard machine is suitable to manage only front label or front and back on the same reel, in cylindrical jar format.


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