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Automatic Oranges Squeezer

Automatic Orange Squeezer with manual loading of oranges or lemons on feed channel.
The working is performed by pressing the start button and the stop button stops the cycle.

The dosing of the juice is obtained by the number of oranges or lemons introduced, generally three or four pieces.


segnaposto 2 segnaposto


The sequential operations are the following :

  • automatic drop of the fruit
  • automatic cut of the fruit
  • automatic squeezing of the peels
  • automatic exclusion of the peels,
  • collecting the juice in the glass or in the carafe

The orange or lemon squeezing takes place with a sweet rotation, without crushing the peel, and without any interference of the juice with the upper part of the peel. For best results the fruit must be calibrated before.
The peel is not totally crushed or broken, the juice has a sweet flavor without the acidity,due to limonine and essential oils generally found in the peel.

At the end of the day you must remove manually five plastic pieces, in a very simple and fast way and wash them even in dishwasher.
All these simple steps are described in the user manual, supplied with the machine.

Technical Specifications

  • 28 oranges or lemons/minute - 1,8 liters per minute about
  • Motorforce group: Motor reducer 0,75 cv
  • Voltage: Monophase, 220-240V/50Hz
  • Consumption: 2,50 A.
  • Oranges/lemons diameter: 60-80 mm
  • Security: Automatic inductive proximty sensor
  • Electrical protection: Overloading and temperature
  • Capacity of peel bucket: 20 Kg of oranges
  • Capacity of feeder: 6 Units
  • Instalation: Table top
  • Weight: 43,6 Kg


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