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vertical pneumatic piston pump

The vertical pneumatic piston pumps are available in different versions, according to their technical features, their components and their purpose.

These units are designed to fullfill the widest range of needs, i.e. to transfer, feed, spray many different products, with adjustable flow.
These are the ideal solution whenever products with high viscosity level have to be moved



  Technical specifications :  
pompa pneumatica verticale a pistoni corta pompa pneumatica verticale a pistoni lunga
pompa verticale corta su trepiede pompa verticale lunga carrellata
carrello per pompa verticale a pistoni corta Svuotamento Fusti per pompa verticale corta
doppio morsetto per fissaggio pompe bordo vasca Polmone per uniformare il flusso del prodotto in uscita



Thanks to the use of compressed air motors, the pumps can be used where anti-explosion equipment is needed.
The pressure range goes from 0 to 150 bars, the flow goes from 1 to 80 Lt./min.

The compressed air motor, with its alternate motion, gives to the pumping shaft the strength to push the product from the suction chamber to the outfeed.

All the pumping elements and the seals are made with selected materials, tested to fit the different purposes. The main frame is made of 316 / 403 stainless steel quality where needed, or of carbon steel.


  • FOOD INDUSTRY : creams, puddings, cakes stuffing, ice-creams, eggs, mayonnaise, melted cheeses, jams, mustard, tomato sauce, melted chocolate, oils.
  • BEVERAGE INDUSTRY : syrops, juices, wines, spirits, glucose, flavours.
  • PHARMA & COSMETIC INDUSTRIES : essences, solutions, soaps, shampooings, bath-foams, toothpaste, shaving-cream, beauty-creams.
  • CHEMICAL, GRAPHICS & TEXTILE INDUSTRIES : acyds, bases, melted salts, solvents, liquid gasses, oils, paintings, colours, enamels, varnishes, inks, rubber solutions, glues.

Constructive specifications:
AISI 304 / 316 stainless steel construction, with inner and outer mirror-like polishing degree; seals in food-graded rubber or teflon. Female connection on outfeed with DIN 11851 thread. The different parts of the pump are assembled with quick-fitting clamps.

Double stroke piston pumps, with different shapes according to the products to be used with.
The pumps are connected with the pneumatic motors by means of a joint, for easy stripping off to perform the washing operations.

All the pumps are mainly including :
A suction chamber with ball or plate valve;
- A cylinder, made of pipes without weldings;
- A shaft with seals and outfeed assembly, usually made of one casting;
- Pumping piston with its shaft.

The pumps are usually light and easy to be handled; the heavier models can be mounted on supports with wheels (art. 54), with vertical lifting system or with a clamp to fix it to the edge of the tank or container.
The pumps can be quickly and easily dissassembled to perform inspections and cleaning operations. Each assembly of the pump can be accessed for inspection.
The pumps can be used in inflammable environments, thanks to their pneumatic operation, or in steril environments, by sending the discharge air outside the protected hall.
As almost all the pneumatic pumps, their functions are adjustable by the operator.


SANITARY VERSION - STAINLESS STEEL : AISI 304 / 316 stainless steel construction, with inner and outer mirror-like polishing degree; seals in food-graded rubber or teflon; available in long or short moedels.

INDUSTRIAL VERSION - STAINLESS STEEL: AISI 304 / 316 stainless steel construction; seals in pure teflon ; available in long or short models.

HIGH PRESSURE INDUSTRIAL VERSION - STAINLESS STEEL: AISI 304 stainless steel construction with strong frame; tested for use at high pressures, with spring-loaded pistons; available in short models.


* Stationary support for short type pumps.

* Support with wheels for short type pumps.

* Support with vertical lifting of the pumps, with fixing device to the tank.

* Scraping plate for short type pumps, to remove all the product from the tank.

* Double clamp for fixing the pumps to the edge of tanks or containers.

* Outfeed chamber to achieve an even supply of the product.


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